about Jules is Jules

Jules is Jules was born on a whim. Julia discovered a facet of her personality, which she wanted to represent with objects, textile creations and also pictorially to manifest it. We never stop learning, throughout life we learn new things about ourselves. Life is an exciting journey of discovery. Her sister Katharina, an art critic, encouraged her to take the step and launch Jules is Jules. Since 2015, this interdisciplinary art project has been creating works and objects that engage with our society, sustainability, and Jules‘ own personality. The first art project was an exploration of the „poncho“, the oldest garment in human history. Most of the time it presents itself quiet puristic and clean, not being without lots of different shapes and forms. Julia loves to play with fabrics and to find new forms with draping, just to explore the subtle distinction of the ponchos.

Working together with one of the most prolific all-rounder regarding digital design, Rainer Stolle, who can reach out to his amazing kaleidoscopic talents, doing visual effects in postproduction cinematic blockbuster, 3D animation series. With him, exciting print motifs are created by combining analog painting, digitization and the addition of algorithms.

Murals, graphics, photography, ink paintings and mask-like sculptures are also part of the Jules is Jules universe.