Julia lives and works in Essen and is a fashion and costume designer. Her sister Katharina, an art critic and curator, is her inspiration and muse. Lifestyle, people and art are the inspiration for the Jules is Jules creations.

Being one of the oldest clothings known to mankind, the poncho is as simple as it gets, simply put it over your head and you are fully dressed.

Most of the time it presents itself quiet puristic and clean, not being without lots of different shapes and forms. Julia loves to play with fabrics and how to drape them, just to explore the subtle distinction of the ponchos. The poncho can be everything, a dress, a tunic-style top, a cape or even a coat.

Depending on the material which is used, a poncho can protectingly embrace the body or float easily around you. Just whip it on and the whole outfit changes.

Designing together with one of the most prolific all-rounder regarding textile design, Rainer Stolle, who can reach out to his amazing kaleidoscopic talents, doing visual effects in postproduction cinematic blockbuster, 3D animation series. This project especially, is realized mainly with fair-trade silk, on which outstanding masterpieces of digital print motives are created.

Jules is Jules is printing and using fair-trade silks made by ‘Project Cocccon’ based in Jharkhand India. ‘Project Cocccon’ is a modern form of rural cooperative. It has a decentralized production, which allows silk farmers, spinners, weavers etc. to work directly from their homeplace. All these different units are well connected with a centralized headquarter. Storage of cocoons, yarns and ready textiles are done at its headquarter.

Sericulture or silk farming, is the rearing of silkworms for the production of silk. It is mostly done freely in nature and in some cases indoor. In this process, the use of any kind of pesticides or genetic spray over leaves or trees are not allowed. To keep silkworms safe from harmful insects or birds, huge mosquito nets are tensioned over each and every tree where silkworms breed and live.


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